Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 9 Photos - Friday Five Week 2

This weeks Friday Five:
1. Something you Created
2. Something Old
3. Something Wet
4. Something you want to eat
5. Something close up

What I really wanted to eat is chocolate, but I have none in the house, as its contraband at the moment, until 1 Sept!! It's hard work. BUT, secretly, I did have a piece of Chocolate Birthday Cake today. And I did always say from the start, that it would be OK to have something like that on a special occasion, and I think Birthdays are very special, even if it is for a naughty sister-in-law :P
Isaac Update: He seemed a bit better today, his nose was running more, and his appetite was slightly better. And nothing yuck from his bum or mouth! I'm convinced it's a cold brought on by teething. So no doctor yet. But I self diagnosed him with google, so I've stopped looking at Google (thanks Angela). We had a nice quiet day at home, I even cancelled going to my much anticipated coffee meet up with mums from my ex-work.

1 comment:

  1. Where's the *LIKE* button? Your photography is waaaay fancy-schmancy, as is your creative creation of crativity. I am feeling under threat by your awesomeness at making!

    Sounds like Isaac is in good hands. In fact, when I'm sick, can you come and look after me because my Beloved is definately not nurse material. Actually, I have this abscess in my armpit you might want to look at...

    I didn't get too many juicy details about the chocolate cake event last night. But perhaps it's not such a bad thing to not know everything all the time :)