Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 6 Photo - Emotions and stuff

So it turns out that for this "Photo a day" group, each week has a theme... oopsy daisy!
Last week the theme was WINTER. And this weeks theme is EMOTIONS.
Most of my pictures last week could squeeze into a WINTERY theme (gumboots, hot apple pie, playing inside, and hanging nappies inside). But I'm going to find emotions harder, because, although this is started thru a Mums Forum, I don't want it to be all toddler photos! And anyway, Isaac mostly only has happy or sad, he doesn't have angry or confused very often... And what are the chances I have the camera out for the split second he does!
I thought that "Tired" could be to days emotion.
I went into Isaac's room to disturb him after 20mins of being asleep, it's supposed to help them sleep longer, kinda reset their sleep cycle apparently. Anyway, this photo captures how he was sleeping. He had turned 180degrees, wrangled out of his sleeping bag/sack, and I didn't have his trousers on him because he spilt water all over them and they were drying off, good thing he had his long socks on.
You'll be pleased to know that I did move him back into his cot and put a blanket over him.

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