Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 8 Photo - Fun Times

Even though I didn't want heaps of Isaac themed 'Emotion' photos for my photo challenge, this one was too good to resist.
Isaac has been a bit sick today. His nose is running, his face is all splotchy. He has diarrhea and he won't eat, and then what he did eat for dinner tonight he threw up on his high chair!
Every 10 minutes I think he is dying of some awful disease, because that's the fear the media put into us these days. I hate giving out Pamol (baby medicine)... It's not going to cure him, it'll just make him feel better, but I want to know if he's sick; I don't want to cover his symptoms up. He's only had it once before when he was teething really badly and me and hubby really needed some sleep!
Going to the doctor always seems to be a waste of time; $15 + petrol + the inconvenience of going out. But can you put a price on piece of mind?
But just to put all your minds at rest, I am keeping a very close eye on him, and I'll see how he is tomorrow, we may go to the doctors.
Sometimes, as a mother, it's so hard to know what to do. In fact, it's ALWAYS hard to know what to do. And I don't imagine it every gets easier, even when they're 29.


  1. Oh poor li'l guy. Gastrolyte is wonderful stuff but it's vile and you'd never get him to drink it. I've always found iceblocks to be helpful at times like this.

    $15.00 for the doctor? Egad! Isn't it free for the first five years?

    Love the boogers. Good to see it's running clear :)


  2. Oops, your phone rings as soon as I mention you've posted? It's his way of saying he loves you guys.

  3. In Central Auckland a lot of Drs charge for kiddies (I think they get less govt funding?). I should get hubby to take Isaac out to Manurewa, he'd be free there.

  4. Great photos! Hope Isaac gets better soon. You may never 'know' exactly what to do but your mummy intuition will let you know, and if it says go to the doctor, then go. What have u got to lose? I would take my kids if they had those symptoms.