Monday, October 18, 2010

Freezer is FULL

Over the weekend I decided it was time to get organised! So I cooked some meals to freeze for lazy nights. I cooked: 4 Cottage Pies, 4 Lasagne's, 4 Mac Cheese, 2 Apple Crumbles. It was a very busy, messy weekend in the kitchen.
Now my freezer is FULL and there is no room for anything else. It makes getting the peas out the back very difficult.

Today hubby & I think that Isaac has hay fever! oh the joys! He had puffy runny eyes, and his nose was SO runny, I had to wipe it every 2minutes, and if I didn't, it got wiped on the sofa or my trousers. If it hasn't settled down by tomorrow I'm off to the chemist to get him some antihistamines.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wooden Floors

I HATE vacuuming, but Isaac hates it even more, therefore it rarely gets done. The thing though, with wooden floors, is that the dust just gathers in big clumps around the edges of the rooms, or under cabinets.
So every time Isaac goes under the TV cabinet to get his 'lost' toys out, he pulls out a clump of dust, which i put in the bin... OK, fine, maybe sometimes I just shove it back under the cabinet.
So as well as having my goal of blogging once a week, perhaps I'll try and vacuum once a week too (not just when I have VIP guests over).

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Babies, Gardens & More

Well, it's been nearly a month!? What happened to me?
I'm not sure why, but I've kinda lost my interest in the internet, just ask my MSN buddy! It's not that I'm doing anything more constructive with my days, I just literally sit on my ass and do NOTHING now :)
Although, I am now making a baby, which is hard work everyday. Baby is due on 6 April, one month before my toddler turns 2. We didn't time it very well, but we did think it would take a few months longer to get pregnant. 3 months of trying wasn't much, especially when it took us over 2 years, and a miscarriage, to get Isaac.
I'm looking forward to the labour, as I know now that's the easy part. And the labour had better go as well as last time, or I'll be a bit annoyed.
Also in the last month I planted a few veges in some planters (photo above). I have tomatoes, which are thriving, strawberries and capsicums. Can you believe that ONE teeny tiny capsicum is $3 at the supermarket?! Who in their right minds would buy that?! I have resorted to buying the ones in jars.
I still have a bit of replanting to do with them, and need to buy some mesh so the birds don't eat my berries. And I have to keep an eye on Isaac, already he has tried to pull the plants apart, and I suspect in a few months he'll be pulling fruit/veges off before they are ready. Ahh, the joys of parenthood.
To feel more productive, and now that I think morning sickness is subsiding, I am going to blog once a week with a photo, or maybe two photos! See you next week.