Monday, October 18, 2010

Freezer is FULL

Over the weekend I decided it was time to get organised! So I cooked some meals to freeze for lazy nights. I cooked: 4 Cottage Pies, 4 Lasagne's, 4 Mac Cheese, 2 Apple Crumbles. It was a very busy, messy weekend in the kitchen.
Now my freezer is FULL and there is no room for anything else. It makes getting the peas out the back very difficult.

Today hubby & I think that Isaac has hay fever! oh the joys! He had puffy runny eyes, and his nose was SO runny, I had to wipe it every 2minutes, and if I didn't, it got wiped on the sofa or my trousers. If it hasn't settled down by tomorrow I'm off to the chemist to get him some antihistamines.


  1. Poor Isaac! Hey where do you get those tinfoil containers from just the supermarket?

  2. I got some small ones from $2 type shops. I have previously gotten decent size ones there, but not this time :(
    Supermarket only had MASSIVE ones. So this time I got some decent sized ones at a shop in Avondale that specialises in disposable type containers for takeaway shops etc.

  3. You are a domestic goddess Steph. I am in awe!