Saturday, August 21, 2010

Domestic Queen

The other day a friend of mine told me she had just eaten pikelets! I haven't had pikelets in years! So I got off my butt and baked some for dessert that night.
I also baked cheese & ham scones, but I ate them too fast and didn't have a chance to take photos of them. I've never made scones, and this recipe only made 6 small sized ones, so I'll double the recipe next time. They came out beautifully though.
Now that I have the baking down, I need to master the cleaning the house thing, like cleaning the toilet, vacuuming, making the beds, dusting the tv, doing the washing before I need to wear it again.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Car Washing really is pointless

On Monday, I worked a half day at hubby's work, so Nana had Isaac. But after work, instead of going and seeing my son, I decided to go home and sort the house out. I vacuumed; A rare occurrence as Isaac is terrified of the thing! Then I washed my car... I have had my car about 14 months now and I think I have only been thru 2 drive thru car washes in that time. It was FILTHY! I washed it and came inside and got ready to go out to pick up Isaac. By the time I got outside to leave, the cats had walked thru the muddy water and jumped all over my bonnet! ARGH! and then to top things off, I drove over our grass (oopsy) and got stuck, so it now looks like I took my car to do donuts behind Mt Wellington Repco! Not that I know anyone who used to do that 10 years ago ;)
So that mud will be there for another 6 months I reckon.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Too Quick for my own good

So... I was meant to be working at my ex-work for 5 full days over last week and this week. As turns out, me & the other girl, were way too efficient, and we finished it in 3 days! So unfortunately I only got 20hours work out of it, instead of 40.
What I/we were working on is a 'Dummy', which is basically the layout of a huge directory with adverts in it. It's very manual, literally cutting and cellotaping things in order on the pages. I quite like doing it, it makes a change from doing stuff on the computer. And we were in a spare office, just us 2, we spent a lot of time giggling and chatting and gossipping, so it really was a wonder how we got it done so fast! We are just too good ;)

The downside of working was the rush hour traffic! Isaac was in the car with me this particular day, as I had just picked him up from Nana's. He wasn't happy to be in a slow moving or stopped car!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


I did my second day at my ex-work today, and it was just as good as the first. I am going in again tomorrow, but that'll probably be my last day, as I am so fast and efficient :)
My mother-in-law is looking after Isaac today and tomorrow, so he is spending the night there tonight. It's a bummer I have to get up early tomorrow to go to work. But I'm sure we'll do another sleepover during a weekend so I can get a sleep in. I was a bit worried, as it turns out the car seat she installed was not correct. At least it is in properly now so Isaac won't die in a car crash anymore.
Isaac's eyelid has a cyst under it apparently, but it is clearing up really well with the anti-biotics. It's quite funny actually, yesterday I poured out his medicine at the table, where he was eating lunch, and I put the medicine bottle on the table while I gave him the spoonful of it, and then he pointed at the bottle... He wanted more! haha. They must put loads of sugar or something in it. At least he drinks it and doesn't spew it out.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lazy! Time to get back on track

I've been holiday in Melbourne, well, I say 'holiday' but really it's harder work than being home since I had a toddler!
I've been back nearly a week now, and I still can't get motivated to blog.
I am working part time this week, and maybe next week, at my ex-work. I loved my first day there yesterday, it's good to talk to adults and have a good gossip session etc etc.
The downside was that my hubby looked after Isaac yesterday while I worked... Isaac had a swollen eye and hubby didn't bother to take him to the doctor, So when Isaac woke up this morning, it was all bloody puss. (I mean 'bloody' as in blood, not as in the swear word). So I took him to the doctor this morning and got antibiotics. But now I have to worry about his 'babysitter' giving it to him for the next 2 days while I'm at work, as if I wasn't worried enough about someone else looking after my precious and sick son.
I might as well confess, I ate some chocolate in Melbourne, I decided the 'no chocolate & no ice cream' rule only applied in New Zealand :) I didn't go crazy, just 1/3 of a King block or chocolate total. There is under 1 month left, so on 1 Sept I can eat Chocolate & Ice Cream again.
I hope to keep blogging regularly, I hear that 1 of you is missing it :P