Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Too Quick for my own good

So... I was meant to be working at my ex-work for 5 full days over last week and this week. As turns out, me & the other girl, were way too efficient, and we finished it in 3 days! So unfortunately I only got 20hours work out of it, instead of 40.
What I/we were working on is a 'Dummy', which is basically the layout of a huge directory with adverts in it. It's very manual, literally cutting and cellotaping things in order on the pages. I quite like doing it, it makes a change from doing stuff on the computer. And we were in a spare office, just us 2, we spent a lot of time giggling and chatting and gossipping, so it really was a wonder how we got it done so fast! We are just too good ;)

The downside of working was the rush hour traffic! Isaac was in the car with me this particular day, as I had just picked him up from Nana's. He wasn't happy to be in a slow moving or stopped car!

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