Thursday, August 12, 2010

Car Washing really is pointless

On Monday, I worked a half day at hubby's work, so Nana had Isaac. But after work, instead of going and seeing my son, I decided to go home and sort the house out. I vacuumed; A rare occurrence as Isaac is terrified of the thing! Then I washed my car... I have had my car about 14 months now and I think I have only been thru 2 drive thru car washes in that time. It was FILTHY! I washed it and came inside and got ready to go out to pick up Isaac. By the time I got outside to leave, the cats had walked thru the muddy water and jumped all over my bonnet! ARGH! and then to top things off, I drove over our grass (oopsy) and got stuck, so it now looks like I took my car to do donuts behind Mt Wellington Repco! Not that I know anyone who used to do that 10 years ago ;)
So that mud will be there for another 6 months I reckon.


  1. Oh man we all had some of the best nights down @ Repco & Botany...or so I heard

  2. Kids never grow out of the vaccuum thing. Zeeb is still apparantly terrified of it and won't go near the thing :-|