Thursday, August 5, 2010


I did my second day at my ex-work today, and it was just as good as the first. I am going in again tomorrow, but that'll probably be my last day, as I am so fast and efficient :)
My mother-in-law is looking after Isaac today and tomorrow, so he is spending the night there tonight. It's a bummer I have to get up early tomorrow to go to work. But I'm sure we'll do another sleepover during a weekend so I can get a sleep in. I was a bit worried, as it turns out the car seat she installed was not correct. At least it is in properly now so Isaac won't die in a car crash anymore.
Isaac's eyelid has a cyst under it apparently, but it is clearing up really well with the anti-biotics. It's quite funny actually, yesterday I poured out his medicine at the table, where he was eating lunch, and I put the medicine bottle on the table while I gave him the spoonful of it, and then he pointed at the bottle... He wanted more! haha. They must put loads of sugar or something in it. At least he drinks it and doesn't spew it out.

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