Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Another job ticked off the list!

Two days ago I pulled out the sewing machine, put the 2 kids to bed for their afternoon sleeps, and did a few fix-it jobs:
First I fixed a rip in my 2.5yr olds net curtain, which he ripped about 3 weeks ago! And also re-fixed the net curtain from my bedroom... it's really really terrible and keeps pulling apart, but it does look less worse that massive holes:

(I forgot before photos, so this is just the after photos)

Then I fixed my board shorts, the velcro become unattached on both pieces of velcro, so there is a visible cotton line on the front of my shorts, but that's ok, because I never ever leave the house in them, except to check the letter box:

(1. front before, 2. front after)

(1. velco before, 2. velcro after)

After the boardies I fixed my nice green top, the sleeve was a bit ripped, I've only worn it twice, and just noticed on the 2nd wear... so I'm not sure if it was bought like that, or if I did it?! I didn't have any green cotton; I have fluro green, but I thought the grey I used on the boardies would be a bit more subtle! haha.

(1. before, 2. the other sleeve-not broken, 3. after)

Friday, February 24, 2012


A friend told me to get a blog post up! She is really good at posting a blog. Or if I didn't want to do my own blog, I have to do a review of a product on one of her blog sites, The Undercover Bloggers.
So my mini goal this week, is to be aware of a product I use this week, great or terrible, and review it.
My other goal is to fix a few things on my sewing machine (a top, a net curtain, and my grotty-wear-only-at-home board shorts) and I'll try take before and after photos.
I have nothing to lose, I normally just sit here in the evenings, watching TV, laptop on my lap, for about 3hours straight! That's just terrible, and such a waste of time.