Monday, November 1, 2010

Cleaning Stinks

So, Me and Hubby have a rental property, we went halves with my parents about a year ago. And last week our tenant moved out... We let her tenancy agreement run out and didn't renew it. She was loud, we had trouble getting rent off her, the neighbours hated her etc etc.
So on Sunday we all went there to clean up. While we were there we talked to 3 of the neighbours, 2 were so glad she was gone and hoped we found a better tenant this time. the other neighbour, who borders the property where we will be putting up a new nice fence were pissed off that we cut down some rotten trees (a year ago), and won't go halves on the new fence, or contribute towards it, "there was nothing wrong with the old fence" that just fell over as we were trying to remove it! and they have just had enough of it all! Feeling all sorry for themselves, we might just get annoying tenants to keep pissing them off!

Isaac was always tripping over holes in the long long grass, that the tenant NEVER mowed. We found condom wrappers, undies, broken glass, cigarette butts, food scraps, Isaac loved playing with the chicken bones.

We also found all this skirting board under the house, so we will be selling that on trade me, and hopefully make a small fortune.

We found this wasps nest under the gib in the garage (we removed all the gib). Luckily it was all dead and there were no wasps in it.

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