Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 5 Photo - Cloth Nappies

Today's photo WAS going to be of my hot chocolate topped with cream, but it turns out it wasn't very photogenic. So, instead it's of Isaac's Honey Child cloth nappies hanging up to dry.
I LOVE cloth nappies, except when the poo gets all over the nappy. I use liners to prevent this, but I think because Isaac is so much more active now, the liners tend to move out of the way. But this is only a problem when the poo is... ah... well, when it's not a nice solid one.
I think it's relaxing hanging them up in my OCD fashion and then folding them all when they are dry.
I would recommend cloth nappies to anyone if they are thinking of using them.


  1. Those are some mighty fine looking nappies too. We've already covered the topic of the pegs. I find the colour mix a little "disturbing" but am comforted with the uniformity of your hanging.

    PS The red bit at the front is crooked.

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