Friday, August 19, 2011

One down, a lot more to go!

So, at the beginning of March, nearly 6 months ago, I posted this about doing and finishing some crafty projects... I have had these felt memory cards started and unfinished for about 3 months, and yesterday, after 2 days of constant work (in between being a mum and wife) I finished them, it didn't really take that long to finish them off!
As you can see, they are a hit! I just hope they last long enough for my other kids to enjoy too.
I have already started my next project, so watch this space!

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  1. Those are flippin' fabulous Steph. Looks like you're giving your boys a head start. Hmmm...Isaac might be a bit young for it but I've paid for an annual family licence on Take a look at it and if you think Isaac might be able to manage some of it I'll register him as a full user. So far I've only got Charlie using it. I've put Toby up too but I don't think he knows about it yet.