Friday, March 4, 2011

crafty blogs & inspiration

I have been following a crafty blog, and every Wednesday she gets 'everyone' to post a link to something crafty they have made that week (or month i suppose).
And every week I look at it and think "That's a good idea - I can do that" the only problem is, I say that to about 5 things each week. And I go out and buy supplies for 5 things a week, and end up with a whole lot of fabric, cotton, buttons, stickers and a lot of unfinished unstarted projects. (Slight exaggeration, but I do have lots of things on my wish list to buy, and have a couple of complete supplies for projects)
And I'll be lucky if I have time to do them in the next 4 weeks, never mind about when I have 2 kids!
So far I want to make:
- ruffle apron for me (I really want to buy fabric, but know I'll never get around to it)
- a painting apron for Isaac
- felt memory cards for the kids (I have EVERYTHING ready for making this, It even took 2 trips to spotlight and a trip to Geoff's Emporium)
- a bag to put my wrapping paper in
- a canvas with buttons spelling names (I have the buttons on my watchlist on trademe)
- a bucket hat for Isaac
I'm sure there are more in my Firefox bookmarks list, but I'm afraid to look for fear I'll end up at spotlight this afternoon!

That reminds me, when I'm rich, or when hubby is rich, I really want a Silhouette machine! Imagine the possibilities! they are endless. :)


  1. Argh. I went onto her website over an hour ago and have just gotten off now. Many bookmarks later.

  2. Aw Steph I know exactly how you feel! I'd love to see what you've done when and if you do get round to making those. I wanna get back into sewing but yeah, no time with 2 kids :(
    That Silhouette Machine looks awesome, thanks for sharing!