Monday, March 21, 2011

Maybe Kids are 'easy'

So, Yesterday I was thinking, lying on the bed, with my feet above my heart. You only ever seem to hear, or maybe you only remember, the really horrifying stories about kids/babies.
Example One: Childbirth.
I've been reading a blog that a friend of mine has, and recently a few people have sent in their birth stories (Maybe I should have sent mine in, it would have been half the size!) And it's so sad, how so many people seem to have horrific birth experiences, and some have trouble getting over those experiences.
My labour was 'easy' and quick, 8 hours from the first signs of any labour to the birth of Isaac.
Example Two: Toddlers transitioning to beds.
I need the cot 'soon' for baby #2, we have a bassinet for the first few months, but thought we'd get Isaac into a bed before baby comes, we didn't expect to leave it this late (2-3weeks prior to my due date), but we are a lazy family and that's just how it is. I know of some people who's kids don't stay in bed after they've been in a bed for MONTHS! Part of me thinks "why don't they just be consistent and hardarse about about it!" but then part of me knows how hard that actually is.

We have been so lucky, First night in his Big Boy Bed, Isaac LOVED IT! sure, he chatted away for a while, and ended up upside down to fall asleep, but he was in his bed and did go to sleep. We were prepared for a long night ahead... next thing you know, it's 6.45am and he's happy playing with his toys. We went in to get him at 7am, and he's still sitting up in his bed waiting for us to get him up. My angel child :) And the 3 nights and 2 day sleeps he's had so far in his bed have been really good. No dramas; it did take him an hour to go to sleep yesterday afternoon, but a few silent trips down to his room to lie him down again worked a treat eventually.

I think the areas we'll have trouble in are toilet training and speech! But I won't be posting on that for at least 6 months. With a baby coming, it isn't a good time to be toilet training, plus, pregnant me can't be bothered chasing Isaac around the house and physically putting him on the potty.

I had some preggy photos taken over the weekend, and I've seen 5 of them via facebook, I was worried about how I'd look, being a fatty, but they actually look really good :) I'm happy with them. I am looking forward to being not pregnant, but happy to have just one child still.

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