Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ready to Burst

It's been a while my blogger friends. Thought I'd get a post in before this alleged baby arrives. I'm due in 4 days, on Wednesday. But so far there have been no signs of it wanting to join us out in the real world.
Actually, that's not completely true, this afternoon I got a few pains, and I was hoping it was a sign, but they stopped, and I think it was just more the fact I was up and 'running' (aka waddling) around the garden with Isaac.
I had medium spiced butter chicken for dinner last night, it was kinda hot, but didn't burn for long enough, so maybe I need to get HOT butter chicken. We are going to get Thai for dinner tonight, so I'll spice that up a bit. And hopefully I'll try a few other old wives tales tonight.

I am still working my way thru my fabric memory cards. I realised yesterday that I don't have enough black felt to finish them (unless I've lost some somewhere?!) I actually think I doubled the amount I needed, instead of Quadrupling it. oopsy! preggy brain strikes again.

I'll be sure to post a blog once I've had the baby and show you pics, although, I think all of my followers are friends anyway, and you'll all see on facebook or in person! haha.

Wish me luck :)

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