Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mothers Day Present

Tonight, after a busy day out shopping and 1hrs hardwork at work, I went and had my legs waxed, which is never plesant, followed by the best facial ever!
I have only ever had 1 facial and that was for before my wedding (6 years ago).
She had a bed made up, and I got to lie in it, with the electric blanket on, it was just gorgeous! The beautician goes to my chrurch, and I think she spoils me a bit :) Even if she doesn't, I always feel so special when I go to see her, even if it is mostly for leg torture.
Today I also resisted the temptation to eat chocolate biscuits, my husband had 3 left over biscuits from a meeting this morning (one mallowpuff, 2 tim tams), and I nearly ate one just as an automatic reaction. And then I had to sit and stare them in the face for an hour! I do feel like having something sweet now!

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  1. Steph!! You didn't have a biscuit!! I'm so proud of you. Hope its still going well, do you realise its been 2 weeks today?