Thursday, June 10, 2010

13 months on

Well, Today my son turned 13months old. And to celebrate the occassion I would have loved to have had some chocolate or icecream! But NO, I'm not allowed. And if i treat myself to chocolate everytime he's another month older, I'll keep getting another kilo fatter every month!
So instead, my clever boy decided to fall over and bite his lip! OUCHY! and OH THE BLOOD! At first it freaked me out, all the blood on his lip and mouth, running slowly down his chin. I couldnt pick him up as a loving mother would have, or I would have got blood all over my clothes! GROSS. So I had to comfort him by picking him up and holding him away from at arms length until I found the tissues.
We didn't go for walk today, I just couldn't be bothered. I wish it weren't so hilly in Auckland. I have been trying to think of somewhere flatter that I can drive to, to go for a walk. It does seem silly and weird to me to drive somewhere to walk, but if it means i get a longer easier walk, I'll do it!
What about Mission Bay, around the beaches? It's far, but maybe I could go in the weekend with both my boys.


  1. Oh No, poor boy! Hope he's ok now.
    Mission Bay is awesome to walk around, me & Nik used to go walkies there alot, with Ash in the pram, she loved the walk, just watch out for the roller bladers, haha

  2. What's the worst thing about being a roller blader?...... Telling your dad you're gay. LOL, my fave old skool joke.