Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Time Mistletoe & Non Alcholic Wine

So much to do. I still have Christmas Cards to write. I have dramatically cut down my list this year. Although, at this rate, no one will get a card this year!

This morning I went to the shops to get a few things from the supermarket and some last minute Christmas present shopping. I was out for ages! It was so busy! Normally you can walk fast around the mall... but not now, there are people with kids wandering slowly, old men using trolleys to hobble around with, and stupid people in the middle of the aisles trying to stop you and sell you their stuff!
Then I foolishly went to Pak N Save for my quick supermarket shop... I'd forgotten how people who shop their have NO TROLLEY COURTESY! so I kept getting stuck. Also, this particualy Pak N Save has changed their entrance, so you walk thru the store backwards... which totally threw me. So I got milk first, and my apples last. Not to mention I didn't know where anything else was.

At least the weather is lovely and I'm home in one piece!
Baby is kicking around lots, I love feeling her/him move about :)


  1. Online shopping :-)

    I don't do Christmas cards often. Lazy me.There was a time when I didn't do them at all - it was David that got me doing them.

  2. Yeeookk we are finishing off our Xmas shopping tomorrow. Tauranga's one shopping mall will be packed!!!
    Gotta get Dex's photos done for the Xmas cards too or we won't be sending out any cards either