Friday, September 2, 2011

DAY 1 - You with someone you love

Since I have a busy week next week, I am giving myself a head start on this challenge, it will mean I can skip a day or two, and not get behind :)
This is my hubby. I told him to pose for the photo and smile... He decides to pull this face, and I say "You know this is going on my blog"
Hubby "HUH? WHAT?!"
"HAHAHAHA, too late now buddy, I've taken the photo and I told you to smile"
SHAME! But I do love him really.


  1. Steph!! It starts tomorrow! (Monday) now you ahead of me at Kelly! (And so is your friend it would seem :)

  2. I had to start early, I have a busy week this week, and I didn't want to get behind :)

  3. Hehe yeah that's fair enough. Got a few more people roped in now I think, and they haven't started yet :)