Thursday, January 20, 2011

Preggy Blues & General Laziness

So, I went to the midwife on Tuesday, turns out my iron is low, it was low with Isaac too... so that's another tablet I have to remember to take (I'm taking iodine and Pregnancy Gold tablets too). I'm lucky if I take these said tablets 3 times a week, let alone EVERY DAY!
THEN she told me my glucose levels were a little bit on the high side, nothing too serious, but she does want me to have the 2nd glucose test! This takes 2 hours to do, and I need to book it in ASAP. So until then, I have decided to try and get the sugar out of my system in the hopes of passing this second test. But also keeping in mind, I don't want to cheat on the test, because I really don't want to have to have complications with my labour, which is supposed to be even more of a breeze than first time.

I'm finding these days very long and hot and depressing. I want to do stuff to get ready for #2, but I want to sleep or sit on my bum as well. I need someone to come over and move stuff for me, and put up (And buy) a garden shed, and fix our shower which is rotting our wooden floor, tomorrow I'll probably fall thru the floor boards while having my shower! hubby was going to get his dad around to help him with a few things, but then the father-in-law decided to nearly die with a blood clot! What a scare that was, luckily he is home and OK now, but needs to take it easy. So anyway, at least it's left him free to come over and visit and spend actual quality time with us!

I really wish I had some motivation and I wish my hubby had time to spend at home instead of at work. You can tell how much I'm procrastinating... I'd rather blog than do stuff! :)
I'd better go sort something out for dinner now, that's a step in the right direction, I haven't cooked dinner in quite some time!

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